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Lagos is the commercial and technology capital of Nigeria, as well as a haven for prospective investors and a wonderful value for real estate. The state is recognized as Nigeria’s economic capital. Make a note of the term “economic capital”, which indicates that anything sells in Lagos.

You should really consider the idea of owning a land in this attractive state without the fear of losing it. And should you have ever pondered about purchasing land in Lagos but feel hopeless since you’ve been dreaming and it’s not coming true or you’ve been duped in the past.

To be honest, I feel sorry for you because I can relate. I’ve been in that lane previously and I’m here to assist you in getting through this.

It is true that the majority of people will agree that owning real estates in Lagos can be considered as sound business, with the potential for significant returns in the future, if not immediately.

Oftentimes, individuals close their eyes to the realities of the truth that already reveals forgeries and fraud in the exhilaration of attempting to acquire properties. Allow me to help you through how to purchase a land in 5 steps within 48 days without the fear of “Oh my God”.

Step 1: Check out for the availability of the land you would like to purchase in your preferred location

Step 2: Do not approach any one claiming to be indigenous (Omo Onile) in your preferred choice of land you might fall in to the wrong hands. These individuals are believed to be indigenous to the area, and they will inform you that their great grandfather or mother owns the land they wish to sell you, and they will continue to collect further payments from you during and after construction (renovation).

Step 3: Consider the cost of the Land as this is the most important factor to consider. And if you don’t have the funds to purchase outright the real estate, most real estate agency allows you to pay bit by bit.

Step 4: Check the accessibility of the land to road networks.

Step 5: Visit any Lagos state verified real estate agency and make enquiry of your preferred location of the real estate.

So, once you are okay with all of these choices which I mentioned above or you are not sure on which real estate to invest.

Numero Homes is here for you. Worry no more.

We allow installment payment if you can’t pay all at once, and within less than 48 hours after the complete payment, you will be a legally certified land owner on any of our properties with an genuine land deed.

Call us on 07025000038 alternatively, you can visit to browse a variety of our estates.

Cheers to your success!!!

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