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We chose a property, but not the landlord. Some people are lucky enough to have an amazing landlord with whom they can work well, while some are just less fortunate in Lagos.

Your landlord is responsive when he sends repairmen to remedy roof leaks, plumbing issues, or wall cracks. Wow! He even covers the cost of repairs.

Various rules and regulations exist across the country and even outside. What works for Mr. A may not work for Mr. B. In Lagos, there are several tenants and property owners so know your landlord.

Before I give you this information, I hope you are familiar with the home you rented and the law applicable to the rented property, this is quite important.

So in this essay, I will show you realistic examples of dealing with tough landlords, especially if you live in Lagos.

At the end of this writeup, you will certainly be eased on how to handle your challenging landlord peradventure you have one as a pain in the neck or perhaps you are relocating to a new apartment or you have just relocated.

Hear me out:

  1. Read and Understand Everything

You may question why this is #1. To hide the truth from an African especially a Nigerian, put it in writing.

It is vital that you read and comprehend all tenancy documents, especially the payment schedule and the lease agreement. If you’re unsure about something as regards the property, please ask (Oga landlord, I don’t get it so) since it won’t hurt either party (yourself and the landlord).

  1. Pay Bills

Bills include power, water, internet, general repair, and even security dues. Depending on the contract, all renters have financial obligations. Paying your bills may not change his harsh personality, but it may help establish trust in your relationship with your property owner.

  1. Records (Keep Records)

Keeping copies of signed agreements, receipts, and contracts is critical. If your landlord ignores most complaints addressed to him, I suggest you write them down, date them, and be as professional as possible. This way, you have a record of your discussion and may refer to it later.

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  1. Know Your Rights and Obligations

Many tenants are unaware of their rights and responsibilities as tenants in the property they rented. Most rights and obligations should be included in the contract; if not, ask the landlord to put them in writing so you can document.

  1. Be a Good Tenant

Being a good tenant is a definite method to gain your landlord’s trust. Giving gifts, following house rules, and paying your rent on time will go a long way in making him regard you as a responsible and ethical person.

  1. Prioritize Issues

Some renters love to blame their landlord for anything related to their unit or the property’s policies. The more you whine about minor matters, the more he ignores you, causing frustration. Why not mend the harm if you have the resources rather than waiting for him? As I already indicated, be aware of who you are dealing with.

Finally, if you believe I haven’t adequately addressed how to deal with a tough landlord, it may be time to move out when the rent is due, or ask yourself, “is the house worth leaving or staying, despite the challenges?”

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