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Now You Can Easily Own a Property With up to 5 Friends

Imagine eating a bowl of salt-less, cold pepper soup with no pepper. Yeah, That’s exactly how life feels or, in this case, tastes when you don’t have any friends. Friends add that extra flavor to life that makes it worthwhile to live. If you’re fortunate enough to have good friends, you should think about ways to keep the bond strong for the rest of your life.

You know, something like owning a home together. And if you are one of those who believe that you must have a large bank account or even be a trust fund kid before you can own a home or a piece of land, we are here to debunk that myth. That is where the Numero Friends Advantage comes in. 

What is the Numero Friends Advantage?

We did our research and discovered that about 55% of people actually think owning a property is a piece of work; so you’re not alone. We know you’d love to own one or two real estate investments and to help you do that easily and conveniently without going broke, we’ve created Numero Friends Advantage that allows you team up with up to five(5) of your friends to own a property or piece of land in a desirable location. 

piece of land, we are here to debunk that myth. That is where the Numero Friends Advantage comes in. 

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Why Should I be bothered?

Oh well, we’re pretty sure you’d love to live a life that’s as smooth as air because you have a solid real estate investment backing to cushion the ‘shege’ life throws at you. For instance, if five of you buy a plot of land today for N1,000,000 (N1M), you can sell it for up to N5,000,000 (N5M) naira in three years. When you split the profits with your friends, you should expect to get N1,000,000 each for a plot of land that five of you paid N200,000 each for.  If that isn’t juicy, we don’t know what is. Of course, if you end up building on the land, you’ll be surrounded by supportive friends. It simply makes things easier. 

How Can I get in touch?

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About Numero Homes

Numero Homes is a leading real estate company in Nigeria, with properties in various locations. Charged with the mission of closing the housing deficit gap, the company rapidly produces innovative real estate products and has over 6000 satisfied customers. 

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