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Agric City: The Agric Settlement Scheme Bridging the Food Production Gap in Nigeria

Everyone needs to eat in order to survive. It is a fundamental aspect of human life and agriculture makes this possible. A recent study has revealed that agricultural production has a significant impact on economic growth by generating employment (71%), providing food (76%), and earning foreign exchange.

Despite the importance of agriculture, it is surprising to note that this sector has been performing poorly, with a significant deficit in food production. This raises many questions, including why such a crucial sector is not given preferential treatment.

To become self-sufficient in food production like its global counterparts – China, the USA, and India – there needs to be diversity in agricultural production by promoting the cultivation of a wide range of crops and livestock. 

This will reduce dependence on a few commodities and enhance resilience to climate change and market fluctuations. At Numero Homes, we are championing this move by introducing Agric City, a farm settlement for sale in Epe, Lagos. This unique farm settlement has been developed for multiple purposes, including crop farming, pig farming, fish farming, and other uses.

The Importance of Farm Settlement Schemes like Numero Agric City

A community of farmers: Farm settlements often involve a community of farmers working together. This sense of community can lead to shared knowledge, pooled resources, and collective problem-solving. This can contribute to the overall development and well-being of the community. 

Infrastructure Development: Establishing farm settlements often involves the development of basic infrastructure such as roads, schools, healthcare facilities, and irrigation systems. This not only supports agriculture but also contributes to the overall development of the region.

Increased Agricultural Productivity: Well-planned settlement schemes contribute to increased agricultural productivity, which ensures a steady and reliable supply of food for both the local community and the broader region, thus improving food security. 

Environmental Sustainability: Proper planning and management of farm settlement schemes can incorporate environmentally sustainable practices, such as organic farming, water conservation, and biodiversity preservation.

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Why Should You Invest in a Farm Settlement as an Investor?

Profits from agricultural output: Investors can earn returns by selling agricultural outputs such as crops, livestock, and agribusiness products produced within the settlement.

Land Appreciation: Investors who invest in Agric City may enjoy up to 500% returns on investment in the next 3 to 5 years. As the agricultural community develops and infrastructure improves, the value of the land increases.

Long-Term Stability: Agriculture is often considered a stable and essential sector. Investments in farm settlements may provide long-term stability, especially if the scheme is well-managed and sustainable agricultural practices are adopted.

How can Nigeria Learn from its Global Counterpart?

Various policies, programs, and strategies have helped some countries achieve food sufficiency. Using China as a case study, Its success in this area is due to a combination of factors such as agricultural reforms, technological advancements, and government policies. 

China has implemented modern farming techniques, improved irrigation systems, and increased the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The government has also provided subsidies, loans, and support to farmers, encouraging them to increase production. Furthermore, China has invested in research and development to improve crop yields and introduced high-yielding crop varieties.


Nigeria’s agricultural sector is facing challenges in food production, despite its fundamental role in human survival and economic growth. Embracing diversified agricultural schemes, such as Agric City, can help foster diversity, community collaboration, and regional development. By doing so, Nigeria can reduce its reliance on food imports and secure a sustainable future. 

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