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4 habits that’ll help you buy a house faster

Around forty percent of everything we do daily is habitual. You probably woke up at a designated time today and slowly sipped your favorite coffee as you navigated through the traffic build-up. On getting to your workplace, you were greeted by your colleagues’ familiar faces as you made it to your work desk just in time to catch a meeting.

Habits, no matter how small they may seem, are a big part of our lives, and they are what drive us. They determine if you’d continue being a house renter or finally own your dream home. The latter, of course, requires good planning to achieve, as well as some subtle shifts in your daily habits. This article will discuss four habits that will kick-start your journey to becoming the newest landlord/landlady.

Save more, spend less: 

If you plan to get on the homeownership journey sooner than later, you may need to accelerate the process of saving money as often and creatively as possible. If you’re saving for a house, you’ll naturally be wary of making big purchases like going on fancy vacations or splashing money on the latest gadgets. It would help if you were mindful of the little purchases too.

A fancy cocktail in a bar can cost N7,000(or more) these days. Even if you keep it down to two drinks a week, that’s N14,000 that you could be putting away in your savings. The easiest trick to saving money is to look for alternatives. For example, ditching takeouts for home-cooked meals, exploring DIY products, or even taking a walk instead of the bus. Ultimately, saving more requires discipline and strictly budgeting your cash. 


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Live with your parents for longer:

For many years, young adults could expect to go through the same routine: graduate high school, earn a higher education degree, get a job, and rent an apartment. There has been a shift in the narrative recently, as more young people have embraced the option of living with their parents for longer.

While this may not be an option for everyone, it is worth considering. Living with your parents is usually less expensive than moving out and renting your place. It allows you to save a significant portion of your rent. However, it is not all roses and sunshine. If you were away at university, living with your family again could mean giving up some of your freedom and independence. Depending on your relationship with your parents, your decision may come down to what you value the most: independence or becoming a homeowner.

Buy a house with someone 

They say that two heads are better than one. Buying a home with friends, family, or a spouse is much less expensive. Not only that, but you get to make lasting memories and create a haven with those who are important to you. Aside from these benefits, it also allows you to choose a more suitable house with the desired amenities with no financing barriers. Buying a home with someone else means you can split the other costs involved in the process, such as construction costs, taxes, etc.

Get a side hustle 

Multiple income streams can help you save money more quickly than managing and budgeting with just one. Having multiple income sources can cut the time it takes to buy a house in half if you only have one income and must wait four years to accumulate a significant amount. The cool thing about the current digital era is that there are many passive or active ways to make extra money consistently – for instance, affiliate marketing, product reviews, and logistics businesses.


Additional tip: 

Start saving with Numero Cooperative

The current economic situation makes it more difficult to purchase a home, which is why we created Numero Housing Cooperative to help anyone save for a home. The plans are extremely flexible, and anyone who wants to own a home can pay on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis rather than paying a lump sum for a plot of land.


Nothing beats returning to a home that is truly yours, free of an overbearing landlord or nosy and noisy co-tenants. However, if you’d rather tap into the lucrative nature of real estate by investing your money in building dream homes and reaping golden returns after a set period of time, the Executive Advantage allows you to do so. For more information, please call 07025000038.

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