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Numero Home Advantage Plans.
The easier way to own a home

Many people want to own a home, but the current economic climate makes that nearly impossible. As a result, we developed Numero Home Advantage Plans, a creative solution that makes it easy for anyone to own a home. You can start your journey to owning the ideal home in the ideal neighborhood at the ideal price and with the people who matter by simply deciding on your preferred housing arrangement.

The Individual Advantage

Owning a home is not only exciting, but it is also one of life’s most significant accomplishments.
After a long day, coming home to your own nest offers a sense of safety and comfort that is simply unrivaled.
The Individual Advantage is the easiest way for anyone to become a landlord.

Features and Benefits:
  • Batch composition: maximum of 1 person
  • Verifiable and steady income
  • Outright purchase of apartments
  • Purchase any of our single unit apartments and spread payment over 18months
  • Define your choice of interior finishing , fittings and wares
  • Option to secluded common area facilities such as gym and swimming pool, ball court etc
  • Dedicated water treatment
  • Input on external finishing
  • Allocation upon 50% payment and possession upon 80% payment

Couples Advantage

A home is the starting point for everything, including your hopes, dreams, and memories.
When you have a stable home, you can look forward to a happy future with confidence.
So, whether it’s a fancy mansion or a luxurious villa, you and your spouse, friend, or colleague can co-own it without breaking a sweat.

Features and Benefits:
  • Batch composition: Maximum of two people
  • Spread payment up to 12 months
  • Collectively agree on estate name
  • Availability to individuals with verified source of income
  • Distributed and reduced cost of construction
  • Sense of ownership and responsibility.
  • Building specification is 2 – 3bedroom apartment in any of estate projejcts
  • Mini court comprising of 3 families
  • Modest shared facility such as gym, pool and children play area
  • Definition of good neighborliness
  • Minimum initial deposit of N5million balance upto 18months
  • Zero interest rate
  • Joint name on Deed agreement

The Friends Advantage

Beautiful moments lay the groundwork for lasting friendships.
By purchasing a home with friends who share your values, you are strengthening your support network and creating even more wonderful memories.
Friends Advantage allows you to own a home in a choice area with up to five friends.

Features and Benefits:
  • Friends composition: Maximum of 5
  • Up to 12 months payment plan
  • Collectively agree on estate name
  • Available to individuals with a verified source of income.
  • Ability to share plot size
  • Shared facility for 5 friends to cost of one plot
  • Minimum initial deposit of N5million balance spread up to 12 months
  • Include similar benefits as contained in couples advantage

Executive Advantage

We know how hard you work for your money. But why save it somewhere that will provide you with nothing in return?
With Executive Advantage, you can profit from the lucrative nature of real estate without having to purchase and manage properties by yourself.

How it works:

You help fund our home construction and get your money back  with a juicy ROI at the end of a set period.

Click to see available plans or *a table showing the investment options

Major Features:
  • Senior managers and entrepreneurs in business
  • Income above N5 million


Diasporas have the potential to contribute significantly to the economic prosperity of their home countries. Diasporas can stimulate trade and foreign direct investment, develop enterprises and impart new information and skills. The Diaspora Plan under Numero Homes Advantage Plan allows Diasporas own a piece of land in their home country with ease also helping them build and supervise the construction of their home

Major Features:
  • Individuals based overseas
  • Income above N5million

The Cooperative Advantage

Paying a lump sum for a house or piece of land may seem unrealistic for some, but with the Cooperative Advantage, you can pay at your own pace – daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Features and Benefits:
  • Available to individuals in paid employment
  • Payment can be made daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly

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