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An Investment Worth Making: Reasons to Buy a Property in Epe

You’ve been considering buying a property for a while now. You’re still deciding if you should buy a property in Epe or another location, but you need to decide soon. You’ve read a few articles and seen a few ads, and everyone is saying the same thing: Epe is the next investment haven. But you’re left wondering why that is. The truth is Epe will see an influx of various big-time players as
projected by 2023. The City will emerge as Lagos’ industrial hub and mega smart City. It’s no surprise that the City has been dubbed “the Dubai of Africa.”

Dubai was viewed as a land of no economic value in 1991. But today, due to the influx of industrial development, it has become a land with the highest return on property investment. Epe’s land price per square meter in 2014 was N481. Eight years later, the price has skyrocketed to over N10,000 per square meter. So, what makes Epe so unique? What is the
point of interest for investors? Continue reading to find out.

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Below are reasons why you should buy land in Epe

● Epe boasts of good road networks: The Lagos State Government is currently developing major initiatives to promote large-scale transport and infrastructure-related schemes across the Epe Sub-region, making up a more accessible and connected place. These include Rail MRT Extension, BRT, Road Upgrades, Freight Rail lines etc. For instance, our Caramel Court, located around Odo-egiri, is situated around the proposed freight rail line, which will be established to connect Dangote Port in Lekki to the proposed dry port east of Odo-Ragunshi.

● Epe is close to the Lekki Free Trade Zone, one of the major conservation foundations which cover large hectares of land. Its function is to reduce the trade barriers between Nigeria and other countries. The free zone is authorized by both the Federal
Government of Nigeria and the Lagos state government. Sequel to this, properties inEpe are fast appreciating because several companies are investing due to the proposed and ongoing development.
Also, Epe is favorably situated close to the city center. The Alaro city covers over 2,000 hectares of land in the Lekki free trade zone. Alaro city has areas for warehousing, schools, hotels, offices, and healthcare facilities.

● Epe boasts of colleges and universities, which gives investors an idea of what they can do with the property. The famous Yaba College of Technology has a campus in Epe, Augustine University, and Michel Otedola college is also located in Epe. This has led investors to construct educational-related infrastructures like hostels, restaurants, and many more.

● Land in Epe is cheap: The fact that many real estate companies are trooping in and doing their business in Epe shows how interesting it will be in a few years. It’s a good place to start small and earn big in real estate. If you are middle class and looking for a more habitable and serene location to invest in Lagos state, Epe is your best bet. The labor cost is relatively cheaper than in other parts of the state.

● Unlike Lekki and Ajah axis, which are sometimes affected by floods when rain falls, Epe boasts of land with dry topography, and the cost of building materials sold in this part of Lagos state is relatively cheap.

● Dangote Petroleum Refinery, located in the South-East of the Lekki Free Trade Zone in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, will make Epe a goldmine as assets within the area would experience rapid increases in valuation in little or no time.


So, if you’re looking for a beautiful place to call home, with plenty of investment potential, buying

Some of Our Currently Selling Properties in Epe:
BluePride Estate: Igbonla, Epe
Caramel Court: Odoegiri, Epe

For more information, please call 07025000038.

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